Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I wear to my first class?

Something comfortable you can move in like exercise wear (no denim). Tots can even wear play tutus if they like! Some comfortable shoes like sneakers or tennis shoes (no thongs). Bring a drink bottle so you can stay hydrated through out the class.

2. Can I watch my little one’s classes?

We allow parents to come inside and watch the first class for their little one if they wish too. We then encourage parents to wait outside from then on. This ensures we have your dancers full attention the whole class and you are getting your money’s worth. If a little one can see their parents/carers they tend to walk away from the class to see them often which can disrupt their learning and the rest of the class also. We have a “no locked doors” policy and all parents can easily sneak peaks of their dancers through windows or glass doors. In most of our younger classes we will often do a parent show and share at the end of or sometimes during class so we can show off what we have been learning.

3. How often will I perform?

We have two performances a year. A Mid-Year Showcase and an End of Year Concert. We also do extra performances like fetes and shopping centres when required. We love to perform and we also love to get lots of uses out of our costumes. Competition Team and Mini Performance Team will do more approximately 3-6 extra performances a year in the Competition Circuit.

4. Are there any hidden costs?

At Powerhouse Dance Studios we endeavour to be completely upfront with our costs. We don’t like to give our families nasty surprises. In our Handbook and website we have outlined all the term fees, enrolment fees, rehearsal fees & even how much we cap our costume prices at. If any additional costs do pop up during the term we endeavour to give plenty of notice and make sure our families are well prepared. We work hard to keep all of our costs down and pass the savings onto our families to make dancing more accessible to all families across the Redlands.

5. How do I find out how my child is doing in classes?

At PDS we pride ourselves on being a very accessible studio. We have class feedback that gets uploaded to a parent portal so that parents can access teachers notes, we also encourage our teachers to spend a few minutes (while their assistant takes the next class in) to give some feedback to any parents in waiting area. We also have semester report cards and Most Improved and Dancer of the Year awards at our performances. We also have a forum of a closed facebook page just for parents/carers & teachers where you can also contact and receive feedback.

6. How can I be invited to join the Competition Team?

The competition team is a group of our Elite dancers who have worked hard and shown commitment, ability, stage presence and generally are a good fit for the competition circuit. If you are interested in being a part of the Competition Team please let your teacher know as we like to keep an eye on the students with Competition Team aspirations. Once your teacher feels you are ready for the technical training and commitment that is involved in being part of this team they will submit you as a suggestion to the Principal. If the principal approves the request you will be formally invited to join the team. You will then need to sign, with your parents, a commitment permission form that outlines the higher expectations required for the team.

7. What if I just want to have fun and dance?

Then you are certainly at the right place! This schools mission is to provide the Redlands with a dance school that brings the fun back to dance. We don’t do exams or pressure we are all about having FUN dancing!! We set age appropriate, achievable goals for each class and introduce technical training in a fun friendly environment to every class!

8. Do you teach a certain dance syllabus at PDS?

We teach a range of syllabi across the studio dependent on the individual teachers experience. We work in teacher meetings to bridge any gaps across the syllabi to make sure we are teaching a similar agreed technique across the studios. If you would like a more detailed idea of which syllabus is taught in each class please read through the teachers bio on the website or in the handbook. For example: Miss Krystle was trained in C.S.T.D jazz and RAD tap so she teaches from those syllabi in those classes.